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Our dedicated staff members coordinate all the online video talks and courses, meetings, weekend intensives, and silent retreats, as well as produce a wide range of publications of the teachings of Adyashanti and Mukti available online.

Jerilyn Munyon

Jerilyn Munyon (EDE) was President and Executive Director of Open Gate Sangha from 2003 until 2024. She is a longtime student and teacher of Aikido. Her creative interests include playing music, making block prints, and spending as much time as possible in nature or on pilgrimage.

Susan Kurtz

Susan Kurtz is Public Communications Director as well as Creative Designer and Managing Editor. Susan has worked here since 2003. Along with an AS degree in Web Science and certification in graphic design, Susan has a BA degree in theater arts, and has taught creative drama to children. Susan appreciates the collaborative nature in which all at Open Gate Sangha work. When not in the office, she enjoys photography, yoga, hanging out with her cat, Shinji, and walking in nature with her husband.

Nancy Clark

Nancy Clark is Senior Accountant and HR Manager of Open Gate Sangha and has been working here since 2004. She appreciates the supportive work environment provided here that celebrates each individual's unique expression and talent. She loves to hear how the teachings are touching others' lives in profound and meaningful ways. Nancy enjoys walking, reading, traveling, singing, cooking, and spending time with her partner. She is also certified in Massage Therapy.

Amy Edwards

Amy Edwards is Program Manager as well as being on the social media team, and has been working here since the beginning of 2017. She appreciates the creativity, dedication, and openheartedness of her co-workers. Outside of the office, she enjoys spending quality time with her children. Some fun facts about Amy are that she is a wedding officiant, an astrologer, raises aquatic turtles in her backyard pond, once played guitar on stage with Elvin Bishop, and she is a lightning fast typist—clocked at 120 wpm.

Jackie Blecher

Jackie Blecher is Mukti’s Private Meeting Coordinator. She began working at Open Gate Sangha in 2013. Jackie is a retired O.R. nurse, who now also enjoys consulting in medical software. Her favorite aspect of working at Open Gate Sangha is engaging with people from all over the world. Jackie regularly explores new cafes and restaurants across the Bay Area. Here’s her favorite Mukti quote: “Consciousness rejoices in being welcomed—it responds to our attention.”

Josie Weaver

Josie Weaver is a virtual contributor as our Gathering Coordinator, and has worked here since 2014. Josie cares deeply about “nurturing souls and supporting souls interested in entering silence to feel their true nature.” Her favorite activities are running, cycling, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong. In fact, Josie is a Qi Gong instructor and has traveled to mainland China as part of a group of instructors. Some favorite books of hers are Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth, and My Secret Is Silence by Adyashanti.

Erin McKinley

Erin McKinley is our Store Support at Open Gate Sangha. She has been working here since 2007. Erin appreciates the overall positive energy throughout the office and all the hard work her fellow coworkers generously provide to the Open Gate community. Erin enjoys spending time with her friends and family, as well as reading, traveling, going to concerts and baseball games—often traveling to watch the Giants’ spring training.