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woman by windowQuieting the mind through intentional periods of silence and meditation can provide a meaningful way to connect to your true nature.

Whether for a day, a weekend, or a full week, consider clearing your calendar, and carving out a small space within your home as a retreat sanctuary. If you extend a sincere request to household members, family and friends, you may find they are eager to support you in your choice for silence. Alternatively, you might prefer to rent a quiet room, or a cabin.

Here are some helpful resources to support an at-home retreat:

man meditatingIn addition, we suggest either purchasing the audio recordings from one of Adya’s or Mukti’s previous in-person silent retreats or taking advantage of some of the cost-free audio and video offerings available on our website.

For retreat-at-home purposes, we have discounted a few select retreat bundles (which include talks, Q&A sessions, and guided meditations):

Links to discounted audio:

2021 Summer Online Retreat with Adyashanti (5-night)

Silent Retreat Vol. 78 ~ Mt. Madonna March 2020 (5-night)

Silent Retreat Vol. 77 ~ Asilomar December 2019 (5-night)

Silent Retreat Vol. 75 ~ Tahoe September 2019 (7-night)

Jesus Silent Retreat Vol. 62 ~ Tahoe December 2017 (5-night)

Mukti: Retreat with Mukti, Vol. 4: Well Being Center, May 2014 (5-night)

We hope you are able to create some kind of valuable retreat experience for yourself!