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Metta (“Loving-Kindness”) Meditation

Open Gate Sangha warmly invites you to join us and people around the world in a Metta (“Loving-Kindness”) Meditation on Monday, February 14, 2023 at 9:00 am Pacific Time. (Check your local time.)

During this dedicated time on Valentine’s Day, may we come together with others in this powerful self-guided meditation with the heartful purpose of spreading love and peace among ourselves, our loved ones, and the world at large.

To help with this meditation, we have created this 30-minute video below with a starting and ending bell. Below are phrases that can be silently expressed during this meditation. (You can add your own personal messages as well.)
“May all beings be happy.”
“May all beings be at peace.”
“May beings be safe.”
“May all beings be free.”

Let’s pour our love into one another!