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A Meditation for Peace

Open Gate Sangha invites you to a Community Meditation for Peace on Monday, January 2, 2023 at 9:00 am Pacific Time. (Check your local time.)

Any time is a good time for peace, especially now. Let’s come together for a 30-minute meditation for peace, each in our own place and also together. Let the power of our shared meditation reach out across the globe with our minds and hearts held in peace.

To facilitate your self-guided meditation, we have created a 30-minute video with a starting and ending bell. Just start it when you are ready. If you do not hear audio, hover your mouse over the video and the control bar will appear. Look for the audio speaker icon in the control bar and click on the “x” to activate audio.

Below are quotes on the nature of peace from Adyashanti that can be reflected on during this meditation:

“One of the greatest possibilities of a human incarnation is that each of us can willingly participate in being a redeeming presence in the world.”
~ Adyashanti, Embodying the Nature of Peace

“We are most powerful when we are being whatever we want to find in the world. This is our first responsibility.”
~ Adyashanti, Being an Expression of Peace

“Value That above all else. And then your life will be an expression of That.”
~ Adyashanti, You Can Choose Peace