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people meditatingAs host of a Gathering, you create and hold the space in which people come together to share Adya’s and Mukti’s teachings. A valuable service to the community, these gatherings can have unique formats that include time for meditation, sharing the teachings of Adya and Mukti and sharing reflections and conversation. Whatever the format, there is an opportunity to connect with others in the love of Truth and to share the journey of awakening and what it means to live the teachings in ordinary life with its joys and challenges. Every group is unique and precious in what it has to offer.

Guidelines for Hosting a Gathering

Gatherings operate within the following guidelines:

  • Gatherings have no formal affiliation with the Open Gate Sangha organization and operate independently.
  • Gatherings are not intended for individual or personal gain, either from making money from them or by promoting any personal endeavors or selling products and services through them.
  • Gathering hosts are not teachers or representatives of Adyashanti’s or Mukti’s teachings.
  • Only the teachings of Adya or Mukti are featured or discussed during these gatherings.
  • Gatherings may have multiple hosts who share responsibilities for convening a group and updating information pertaining to meeting time, place, and active/non-active status.
  • We request that those who host Gatherings do so on a regular basis. If you would like to host a one-time event to determine the interest in your area, we will be happy to include that in the listing for your gathering as well.

Please submit your listing information to us at least one month prior to the first gathering. Updates should be sent to us no later than one month prior to the date you wish to have the information posted.

If you have reviewed and agreed to the guidelines above and wish to host Gatherings in your area, please email all of the following information to the Gathering coordinator:

  1. City and State, Province, or Territory
  2. Meeting Frequency and Times including Time Zone
  3. Location Address (or “Email or call for information” or “Email for information”)
  4. Host Name
  5. Host Email
  6. Host Phone (optional)
  7. Group Format: Online, In-Person, Hybrid (Combination)

Other than posting your approved information on our website, we do not share your information with other organizations.