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Delusion hides itself in our most prized forms of conditioning—spirituality and religion. ~ Adyashanti
The truest freedom is when you cast yourself extravagantly upon all of creation—when it all gets to be unavoidably the way it is. ~ Adyashanti
The most important thing that anyone can ever know is that they don’t know. ~ Adyashanti
There’s no quenching of the spiritual thirst. It’s just that it disappears when you see through the illusion of a lack of intimacy with existence. ~ Adyashanti
“Now” is just what’s happening—minus everything you think. ~ Adyashanti
A meditative mind is at ease because it’s not trying to acquire anything. ~ Adyashanti
Very rarely will the mind confess to us that it has no idea what is going on. ~ Adyashanti
To be aware with the heart is to look at a flower not just with awareness but with feeling. ~ Adyashanti
Spiritual birth is realizing your nothingness, everythingness, and somebodyness. ~ Adyashanti
Spiritual birth is realizing your nothingness, everythingness, and somebodyness. ~ Adyashanti
When you look without grasping, the whole universe is looking out of your eyes. It's an opportunity to see what it is to move without a sense of a central me. ~ Adyashanti
Very rarely will the mind confess to us that it has no idea what is going on. ~ Adyashanti
There's a great space in which this moment takes place. There is a great silence that is listening to the thoughts. ~ Adyashanti
The spiritual rubber hits the road when truth begins to act within this human existence. ~ Adyashanti
The spiritual impulse draws us inwardly, back behind the veil of all of the ideas, thoughts, and endless arguments, to something that’s still and quiet and extremely potent and powerful. ~ Adyashanti
Life is an endless opportunity to embody what you deeply value—to embody and express this beautiful presence of being. ~ Adyashanti
Experience yourself outside of any story about yourself, any memory about yourself, any of the old defining characteristics. ~ Adyashanti
“I don’t know” is the limitation of your mind. Stay there, in that I don’t know place, because that’s the place where revelation comes through. ~ Adyashanti
If we begin to experience the miracle of being to simply be, to be aware, to be alive in this moment is its own miracle. ~ Adyashanti
Begin by acknowledging the presence of awareness. It's functioning whether you understand it or not. ~ Adyashanti
Meditation is a form of prayer. It is a silent prayer. It is a reaching out into the unknown, and simultaneously a reaching inside to the unknown. ~ Adyashanti
There’s a fierceness about life that calls for a fierceness to not anxiously solve it but to allow it to transform you. ~ Adyashanti
True happiness is derived from being completely committed to what provides you the most meaningful experience of being. ~ Adyashanti
When you stop resisting, you see that what seems frightening is actually the absolute beauty of reality. ~ Adyashanti
First you are a seeker, then you are a finder. Then, you are what you were before you were a seeker and a finder. ~ Adyashanti
One of the greatest possibilities of a human incarnation is that each of us can willingly participate in being a redeeming presence in the world. ~ Adyashanti
You can neither look for the truth, nor find the truth, nor lose the truth; for all the time you are the truth. ~ Adyashanti
It takes a deep degree of autonomy to really stand on your own two feet, in your own two shoes. ~ Adyashanti
To have the eyes to see the divinity of all beings is to bring light into this world. ~ Adyashanti