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Antiracism, Inclusion, and Open Gate Sangha:
What We Are For and What We Are Doing

We stand for racial equality and social justice. We are for finding actions that speak as loudly as words, perhaps even louder than words. We are for creating together a more inclusive sangha experience for everyone.

Our first step in this journey has been to listen, learn, and engage in connected conversations on racism. This study has brought us into a landscape of pain, self-discovery, and the complex layering of the misuse of power and privilege in our society and as it lives in us. The current conversation points to racism, but the suffering we’ve encountered crosses many lines—gender, physical and neurobiological differences, body image, sexual orientation, financial access, and more. There is so much to learn, understand, and uncover in our minds and bodies, in order to contribute to a collective healing. This road is a long road and one that is measured by single steps and moments over time.

Here are some action steps we are taking along the way:

We are looking at our language and how it reflects our intention to be an “open gate” to all who are drawn to the teachings of Adyashanti and Mukti.

We changed the structure and language of our scholarship program to become an invitation rather than simply an application. Although we can’t offer scholarships to everyone who applies, our intention and efforts are to increase our ability to make the teachings available to all who sincerely yearn for peace and freedom.

Also, we are finding more open language and processes to engage with the teaching on our website and through our written and visual communications.