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Mukti: A Yogic Qi Gong Routine with Spoken Instructions

Qi gong is a Chinese term often translated as “cultivating energy” or “cultivating skill with energy.” This routine is based on the Five Treasures qi gong series; it has been modified greatly, giving it more of a yoga feel with some lengthening, stretching, and “noodling” around to release tensions.

Mukti teaches qi gong at her meditation retreats to offer balance and energy harmonization, amidst sitting several periods of silent meditation and quiet contemplation each day.

There are two versions of this routine offered here. This one is given with lengthy instruction and brief standing guided meditations. It runs about half an hour and is recommended for new viewers. This other one is about 15 minutes and is given in silence, offered for those who know the background instruction. You can find that video here: Qi Gong in Silence

Please enjoy these videos for health of body, mind, and spirit, and to compliment spiritual practices oriented toward self realization and embodying conscious expression.